Get your degree at a university ranked among the top 30 in the South--anywhere you are.Find a powerful voice using cutting-edge strategies and technologiesApplications Being Accepted. APPLY NOW!Start a career or Strengthen an existing one.Learn essential skills for the digital age.

Get your degree at a university ranked among the top 30 in the South—anywhere you are.

A master's degree. Online. On your time.

Learn essential skills for the Internet age: web publishing and design, social media, multimedia production, information graphics and much more.

This master’s degree is designed to be completed in one year, or over a fall, a spring and a summer semester. (Working professionals may want to take longer to complete it.) It will prepare recent graduates or practicing professionals to excel in the exciting field of digital journalism and in other media- or communication-related fields. As an applicant to the master’s degree in Digital Journalism and Design, you stand to gain an immediate professional benefit: a USFSP-Poynter Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Technology for Journalists. Please see for more details.


Looking Back: Three years of Digital Journalism and Design

By Casey Peterson to DJD Blog

It’s hard to believe three years have passed since the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg began its completely online M.A. degree in Digital Journalism and Design.

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Online and Face-to-Face: We're here for all types of learners

By Casey Peterson to DJD Blog

Online coursework is effective, but might not work for all types of learners. If online classes are not your ideal way to learn, USFSP offers a graduate program in Journalism and Media Studies with a more familiar on-campus class structure. The JMS graduate program includes a balanced mixture of face-to-face, online, and hybrid classes. You may attend classes part time or full time and complete a master’s degree in as little as two years.

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