The DJD degree features 10 courses at the cutting edge of journalism, technology and design.

Each course addresses an area highly relevant to the practice of digital journalism and design. Together, the courses provide a solid foundation of the practical and theoretic skills required to succeed in the rapidly changing era of online journalism.

The courses listed here are arranged in the order a full time student beginning in the fall would take them. Students starting in the spring or intending to take more than one year to finish the program should consult the Full Time-Part Time Course Plan.

Fall, Spring

Multimedia Reporting

Conceptualize and write news stories that conform to presentation in traditional (print and broadcast) and online style.


Digital Media Technology

Hone critical thinking skills while becoming familiar with blogs, social media and other digital technologies of modern journalism.


Web Publishing

Learn how to publish your work online with an understanding of code, third party hosting, and more.


Social Media

Learn to source and promote your work on multiple social platforms.


Digital Media and Democracy

Gain perspectives on the practice of journalism in the digital era and its effects on democracy.


Digital Media Ethics and Law

Think digitally about communications law in a changing online environment and conduct a systematic ethical exploration of major issues.


Multimedia Production

This course will allow students to hone critical thinking skills while becoming familiar with what comprises publishable audio, video and photographs.


Visual Communication Design and Theory

Learn visual theory and how to create information images in all their forms, from the static to motion graphics, all for online presentation.


Entrepreneurial Journalism

Develop real-world media partnerships and competitive start-ups on the strength of audience demand for competitive delivery of the news.

Fall, Spring, Summer

Final Project

Exhibit reporting skills, technological expertise and creative power in a unique online project that will be the culminating experience of the degree.