JOU 6606 / Fall

Learn the best practices of photojournalism and create a visual portfolio of common news images through hands-on exercises.

Click. It’s there. A photograph is a moment frozen in time. It allows you to capture action, reaction, a beam of light or emotion. Images taken by journalists tell stories. Composition and technical options such as focal length, shutter speed and the camera’s sensitivity to light are all deliberate choices selected during the making of a picture. Today, every journalist needs to know how to make a picture that tells a story. In this course, you will learn the best practices of photojournalism and through hands-on exercises, you will create a visual portfolio of common news images including: mug, sports action, weather, fill flash and environmental portrait. Further, you will learn the fundamentals of creating a still photo essay with interview and natural sound using an application called Soundslides. Click. You’re almost there.


  • Explore the use of still photos in online news reports
  • Write online captions optimized for search engines
  • Become familiar with the fundamentals of shooting online news images, including lighting, composition, cropping, and image selection
  • Identify current best practices by critiquing digital photography for online news reports by worldwide professionals


  • Online visual storytelling with photography: still and video
  • The mission of online still news photography
  • Innovators in the industry
  • Online news photo ethics with 21st century technology
  • Copyright and fair use regarding online news images
  • Types of cameras, lenses, tripods, flash units, bags and other useful gear
  • Best practice methods for common online news photo types, such as: mug/headshot, close-up, weather, peak action, outdoor event / bright light, indoor event / low light, environmental portrait, group shot
  • Lighting tips and tricks
  • Composition best practices: "guideline of thirds," diagonals and curves
  • Photoshop best practices for online images
  • The mission of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)
  • Editing best practices for online images
  • Organizing a shoot / production for online presentation
  • Organizing a shoot / post-production for online presentation
  • Methods for displaying online news photos: single image, Soundslides, sequence, gallery, photo essay, how-to
  • What it takes to be a mobile online photojournalist
  • Managing online shooters and their gear
  • Opportunities and trends in online photojournalism